Client Testimonials

Quotes from my Clients

“So is having a personal trainer an extravagance?  Absolutely not with a trainer like Mark. He explains everything we’re doing, understands my capabilities, keeps me motivated, is kind and great fun.”

Lynda Ross

“Over the years, I’ve had many PT’s and I can honestly say, Mark is one of the best! He is encouraging, friendly, supportive and designs plans around your personal needs. He encourages you in a kind, professional manner, always listening to your feedback about and adjusting the training plan accordingly. Whether you are just starting out on your journey or have been training for many years, Mark can help you achieve your goals!”

Tom Burrell

“Give him a call! he is a really good trainer, the best in town, he will make you sweat your asses off guarantee to make you lose weight trust me on this one he’s brilliant at what he does.”

Colin Watts

“Mark is a great trainer and a true friend, I love powerlifting and I really enjoying training. I have competed as a powerlifter with mark’s help and I can’t wait to do it again”

Kevin Little

“At first I was nervous about working with a PT as I was self-conscious about my lack of experience in the gym and using fitness equipment. However it has been one of the best things I have done. I have been working with Mark for nearly 2 years. His workouts and guidance take account of my limitations due to a chronic illness. He thinks out of the box with his workouts and encourages me to push myself out of my comfort zone to achieve my goals. Mark’s encouragement, knowledge, motivation and support inspire me to feel more confident and he has shown me what I can do to improve my fitness, strength, balance and mobility. I always look forward to our PT sessions. Highly recommend.”

Mary Jacobs

“Leisure At Cheltenham is the best training centre in the area, Mark Howard-Jones is the Best Trainer.”

Nick Bryant