My name is Mark Howard-Jones, I’m a Cheltenham based personal trainer and online coach. I’m a ‘practice what I preach’ kind of guy who loves fitness with a passion, and I want to share that with you!

here’s a few of the services I offer:

Gym based PT sessions at Leisure@Cheltenham

You may think a leisure centre would have a small gym with limited equipment and usually you’re right but thanks to the Cheltenham trust this is now a state of the art gym equipped for any kind of athlete. Don’t worry I won’t give you generic programs, in fact every session is bespoke to you. I don’t use any templates, so every client I train has their own unique plan that we work through together.

Online Coaching

My online coaching service covers all your needs, each program is individually tailored to you. Give me your long term goals and I’ll break it down into short term milestones for you to hit, along with video demonstrations for all your workouts, nutritional help and a messenger service to get in touch with me quickly. To be certain you have everything you need We’ll have regular check ins too!

Mobile PT sessions

I love the gym and you can’t beat the range of equipment and space that they offer. However busy gyms can be intimidating, covid can be scary and travel can take time. I appreciate all these things and that’s why I am more than happy to travel to Cheltenham locals and deliver sessions at your home. I have quite a range of equipment myself and have learned to be creative with workouts both for myself and my clients through the lockdowns.

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